Summing it Up

Here’s a quick summation of our philosophy of ministry:

Saving Grace Bible Church exists to exalt God. In humble recognition of this truth, we acknowledge that it is not “our church” to build. Christ will build His Church; our aim is to order our lives and this church in faithful accordance with His instruction.

Saving Grace Bible Church practices verse-by-verse exposition of the Scriptures. Our confidence is in the sanctifying power of the Word of God; therefore we strive to know the mind of God, not the wisdom or opinions of men.

Saving Grace Bible Church gathers to edify the saints. We build up one another by shepherding and caring for one another with the truth that leads to the esteem of Christ, and ultimately to our mutual growth in love, obedience, and fruitfulness.

Saving Grace Bible Church reaches out to evangelize the lost. Our confident witness is the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed with our mouths, and borne out in lives transformed by His grace.

This is the philosophy of ministry of Saving Grace Bible Church. Our hope is that this booklet has been helpful to you in understanding our purposes and priorities. We invite you to join us as we seek to present every man complete in Christ!

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