The Lord's Prayer Back to all sermons

Date: May 7, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Special Topic

Category: forgiveness

Scripture: Matthew 6:9–6:15

Prayer is a demonstration of faith. We come seeking intimate communion with He who is our Father thanks to the finished work of Christ. We come in sincerity of heart; not offering scripted prayers in hope of swaying Him with our eloquence or many words, for this God knows our thoughts even before we do. We come to align our will with His, casting all of our burdens and anxieties at His feet and seeking His protection from the trials and temptations of life, because He is both perfectly good and utterly sovereign. And as a redeemed people who still struggle with the realities of sin, we come seeking His forgiveness day in and day out, because we know the frailties of our fickle and idolatrous heart. In this we must strive to be like Him, not holding on to grudges or keeping a record of wrongs, but willingly and gladly releasing the debts of those who have offended us. Our reason is simple, yet profound: just as the Father lavishly and completely forgives, so should the child of God.