Practicing Forgiveness Back to all sermons

Date: June 25, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Special Topic

Category: forgiveness

Scripture: Colossians 3:13

Tags: unforgiveness, restoration, forgiveness, love

The Apostle Paul told us to bear with one another, and forgive one another. Those are simple words, but they are critical in the life of the Church. Why? Because we can be easily offended. There are different levels of maturity among Christians in any ministry, yet all must learn to live together in unity. Some are new in Christ, and their weaknesses are many. Others have been believers for years, but have patterns of immaturity that hinder their usefulness in the lives of others. Then there are those differences in experience, personality, background, giftedness and social class that can make relationships hard. How can we work to preserve peace and unity in the Church, especially when the allure of unforgiveness can be so strong? Walk in Christian love. If someone offends you and you can release it without harming your relationship, then die to self and let it go. But if you cannot let it go, don’t just bury the hurt and drop the conversation. You have to love your brother enough to go to him and seek restoration.