The Unspoken Word of God's Created World Back to all sermons

Date: July 2, 2017

Speaker: Steve Smith

Series: Special Topic

Category: Creation

Scripture: Psalm 19:1–19:6

Tags: creation, witness

Creation testifies day and night to the goodness, power, and glory of God. No speech is heard, yet its voice speaks loudly, clearly, and relentlessly of Him who by His word brought all things into existence. By day we see the ever-changing canvas of cobalt blue skies and brilliant white clouds, experience the awesome majesty of an electrical storm, or appreciate the simple beauty of a rainbow. We watch as the sun pursues its daily course through the sky, giving life, light, and warmth to the world below. By night, we’re amazed at the countless stars that shine in the night sky, and the far-flung worlds that fill the unimaginably great expanse of the cosmos. We see the sublime beauty of the moon as it gives its soft light to the nighttime world and marvel at the gentle pull that gives the oceans and seas their tides. God's Creation is indeed a powerful and undeniable witness, and it speaks clearly of His presence, but only the Scriptures will tell you how you can know Him intimately as Savior, Lord, and Friend.