The Penitent Response of God's Chosen People Back to all sermons

Date: July 16, 2017

Speaker: Steve Smith

Series: Special Topic

Category: Scripture

Scripture: Psalm 19:12–19:14

Tags: humility, Scripture, David

Do you tremble at God’s Word? Do you treasure it more than your necessary food? The Scriptures speak clearly about the sinner’s need to be saved and the saint’s need to be sanctified. Yet our natural inclination is to make excuses for our sin. If we give in to that natural inclination and seek sustenance in worldly pursuits, our desire for the peaceful fruit of righteousness is diminished and patterns of sin and immaturity can develop and even become comfortable and familiar. Like David, we must cry out to God and open our hearts to His searching and scrutinizing truth. We must humbly and purposefully root out sins of presumption so that they will not rule over us and lead us to spiritual harm. When we approach the Lord with such childlike honesty and trust, will He not then hear our penitent prayers and strengthen us to walk before Him in obedience? Take refuge in our all sufficient God and Savior and conform your will to His commands, and be transformed by the truth of His timeless and perfect Word.