The Humility of Exclusive Hope in God Back to all sermons

Date: July 23, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Todd Murray

Series: Special Topic

Category: Faith

Scripture: Psalm 131:1–131:3

Tags: faith, trust, fear

No one escapes the pain of trials. Whether we inflict them upon ourselves, suffer at the hands of another, or just endure the inevitable dark providence that comes with living in a fallen world, we will all experience the agonies of grief, fear, and despair. Like Job, we may be unwavering for a time in the face of the storm. But if the Lord in His wisdom determines that the clouds must grow darker still, and He stays His hand from quieting the wind and the waves, there comes a moment when all pride and self-sufficiency is washed away and faith alone remains. It is the humble faith of a child who knows he has no might to match the forces hurled against him, nor does he possess insight enough to solve his fears. He understands only that his sustenance and comfort come from his mother, and he finds solace knowing simply that she is near. Christian, are you being frightened by the fury of the gathering storm? Don’t look to the dark and wild sky. Look to the cross.