Responding to the Suffering of Others Back to all sermons

Date: July 30, 2017

Speaker: Steve Smith

Series: Special Topic

Category: Prayer

Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1–2:8

Tags: intercessory prayer, praying for others

How often do we comfort an anxious or struggling friend with a promise to pray, and then fail to follow through? Intercessory prayer is a sacrificial and spiritual work. It goes against every selfish and slothful habit of the flesh. To pray faithfully and well, we must not only be disciplined, but compassionate. We must enter into the grief of our friend so that we may better appreciate their spiritual plight. As you approach the Throne of Grace on their behalf, begin by exalting the greatness and goodness of the Lord whose help you seek. Confess your own sins and faults that you may pray with a clear conscience and a pure heart; and pray for the sins of all involved, that God will mercifully correct and restore them to Himself. Affirm the promises that He has made in His Word, and then let your requests be made known to the Lord. Be persistent as you pray, and be prepared to step out in faith as God provides opportunity. God works through the prayers of His people. Are you praying?