The Matchless Splendor of Our Risen King Back to all sermons

Date: July 30, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Jerry Wragg

Series: special service

Category: Christ

Scripture: Revelation 1:9–1:20

Tags: authority, faith, love, holiness, fear, reverence

The fires of persecution threatened to consume the children of God in the decades following Christ’s resurrection. Five major churches that had been beacons of truth were falling to heresy and sin, and on a tiny island in the Mediterranean, the last surviving apostle had a vision of the risen Christ with one final revelation for His people. The Lord would tell the future of the Church and the World, but first He wanted His people to know that He had been watching them here and now. He was in their midst, carefully scrutinizing their ways and searching their hearts. All things were opened and laid bare before Him, and nothing escaped His notice. As this was cause for both comfort and trembling then, so it is today. We say we love the Lord, yet it’s so often man that we truly fear. Do you desire to live fully for Christ? Then look upon Him as He is. Read the authoritative Word and see His purity, majesty, and holiness! With this God as your shepherd, how then can you waver?