Forgiveness is Not Fair; it is Merciful Back to all sermons

Date: August 13, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: The Forgiveness Paradigm

Category: forgiveness

Scripture: Matthew 18:21–18:35

Tags: sin, love, forgiveness, self-sacrifice, debt

Peter’s question to Jesus is one that we can all understand. How many times must we forgive those who sin against us? Many of us are willing to forgive someone once or twice, but anything more than that just seems unreasonable, maybe even unwise. How will justice be served if we immediately forgive the offender every time he repeats his sin? Jesus’ answer reveals a wonderful and comforting truth about the character of God, yet it also calls us to a difficult standard of love and self-sacrifice. There should be no limit to our forgiveness, and no debt is so great that we cannot release it. Forgiveness isn’t about our rights or what we believe to be fair. Nor is it a favor we bestow on those whom we believe to be worthy of it. Our forgiveness of others is theologically grounded in God’s complete forgiveness of us. It’s an obligation we embrace as those who have been forgiven an impossible sin debt, and a joy we have as the beloved disciples of a Master whom we love to imitate.