Finding Mercy in Misery Back to all sermons

Date: September 17, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Special Topic

Category: Mercy

Scripture: Ruth 1:1–1:22

Tags: mercy, difficulty

Seeking escape from the specter of starvation, Naomi’s family left Israel to find relief in a foreign land. But Naomi’s troubles only grew as she was widowed, lost her two sons, and left alone in Moab without the protection and provision of her loved ones. Has God allowed you to experience circumstances that you believed were more than you could bear? In the fury of the storm and its aftermath, we may be tempted to doubt and depression, questioning the goodness and wisdom of God, and wondering how this could possibly be His plan. Yet God often allows misery to come into our life so that He can bring about some providential and merciful result. This was Naomi’s story. She began in poverty, hunger, and death, but ended with plenty, nursing a new grandson who would be the grandfather of King David. Are you walking through a time of dark providence? Remember that God is good, and can bring good out of your suffering. Turn to Him, seek His ways, and you will see the evidences of His mercy.