Your Response to Adversity Reveals Your Priorities Back to all sermons

Date: October 29, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Eric Borgstrom

Series: Special Topic

Category: Faith

Scripture: Philippians 1:12–1:18

Tags: gospel, faithfulness, trust, adversity, complaining

What is the purpose of the Church? Some believe we should focus on solving the world’s problems. They say that the Church should be meeting the physical needs of the poor and afflicted, taking up the cause of the oppressed, and speaking against social ills like racism and homelessness. Certainly Christians should be characterized by compassion and a concern for justice, but our real priority is described in the Great Commission. We are to glorify God by evangelizing the world with the gospel of Christ, and by equipping His disciples to walk in the truth. How do you know if you are being true to these priorities? When we are faithful to Christ, persecution and affliction are often not far behind. Our natural response is to become dispirited, and to lose sight of God’s meticulous design of our circumstances. Choose instead to see the gospel opportunities that abound in adversity! We can speak truth to those in rebellion, demonstrate His power in our weakness, and rejoice in the proclamation of the truth, even at the cost of our own interests.