The Humiliation of Christ Back to all sermons

Date: December 31, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Eric Borgstrom

Series: Special Topic

Category: Christ

Scripture: Philippians 2:5–2:8

Tags: love, humility, unity, pride

Contrary to popular opinion, the greatest threat to the Church is not external. As the culture grows increasingly hostile to truth, it’s easy for the more insidious and pressing internal dangers to go unnoticed, and among the greatest of these is the disease of unchecked pride. The antidote is simple, but crushing. Humility is the only vaccine that can protect us and preserve the unity of the Church. What is humility? It is honestly assessing yourself in the light of your sinfulness and God’s holiness. And in our efforts to cultivate humility, there is no better pattern than the Lord Jesus Christ. He possessed the fullness of divinity, yet in His incarnation He added the frailties of weak humanity, and the Sovereign of the universe took the form of a bond servant! What are the evidences of humility in your life? Gratitude, patience, and a submissive joy, to name just a few. How can you cultivate humility? Take your mind off of self, and set it on Christ. Devote yourself to knowing and loving the Person and work of Christ.