The Purpose of the Parables Back to all sermons

Date: January 14, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Matthew

Category: Unbelief

Scripture: Matthew 13:34–13:35

Tags: judgment, unbelief, parables, blindness

Why did Jesus sometimes speak to the crowds in parables? Some say He told stories in order to better hold the attention of His hearers, because stories are more effective at engaging the mind. They even suggest that this is a model of communicating that should be emulated in the Church today, that biblical exposition is too boring and too esoteric for the average person. The reality is that parables were much more than just a style of teaching. They were a means of presenting truth that was simultaneously judgment on unbelievers, and grace to those who believed. To those whose hearts were hardened, the parables were truth hidden in plain sight. While their ears could hear, their minds were blinded and they failed to understand so that they might repent. To those whose hearts were tender, the parables gave them further insight into the truth, and they believed God all the more. What about you? How do you respond when you hear the truth preached? Is your heart soft and willing to submit? Or do you resist in unbelief?