The Kingdom: God's Inestimable Treasure Back to all sermons

Date: January 28, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Matthew

Category: Discipleship

Scripture: Matthew 13:44–13:46

Tags: the gospel, love, cost of discipleship, sacrifice, the kingdom parables

The gospel is the good news that ruined sinners like you and I can have eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. What must we pay to gain citizenship in this kingdom? Nothing. Eternal life is both priceless and free, and can only be purchased through the shed blood of the Son of God who paid the infinite cost of our redemption. Even the saving faith to believe is a gift of God. But what will entrance into this kingdom cost us? Everything. Because its Ruler is none other than the sovereign creator God, and we must willingly lose all to gain the inestimable value of His kingdom. This is the point of the parables of the hidden treasure and pearl of great price. In response to divine sovereignty, human responsibility demands complete and total submission to the King. How are you doing in pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven? Are you joyfully giving up everything to have eternity, or are you more interested in the fleeting treasures of this world?