The Gospel of Forgiveness Back to all sermons

Date: April 1, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: special service

Category: forgiveness

Scripture: Luke 22:44–22:49

Tags: Grace, forgiveness, repentance, mercy

It’s a matter of popular assumption that God does not forgive until we repent and believe. But strictly speaking, that isn’t so. The Scriptures clearly teach that is in the very nature of God to be forgiving, and that He demonstrates His forgiveness to all. Does that mean that all people are saved? No, because the Scriptures are equally clear that only those who repent and believe the gospel have eternal life. So how can God both forgive the unredeemed and yet be an avenger of their evil deeds? Can God show the same person both His forgiveness and His justice? Yes, absolutely. The evidence is in the gospel we preach today. In eternity past God determined not to hold our sin against us, and in the process of time He sent His Son to live a righteous life and take our place in judgment, and the whole world benefitted from this act of mercy and grace. You’ve seen the goodness of the Lord, but if you want to know the fullness of His forgiveness, you must repent and believe.