The Contrast of Character Back to all sermons

Date: April 8, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Matthew

Category: Witness

Scripture: Matthew 14:1–14:12

Tags: gospel, Herod, John the Baptist, fear, bold witness

John the Baptist and King Herod were contemporaries, but they were worlds apart in their moral and spiritual character. John was righteous and outspoken. He knew God’s standard and preached it faithfully, even when his bold witness drew the ire of a profane and adulterous king. Herod was a paranoid and calculating man. His greatest concern wasn't God’s glory, but his own, and the only thing greater than Herod's pride was his fear. What can we learn from the interaction of these two men? First, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of a faithful witness to afflict the conscience of even the greatest sinner. And when that witness is the collective godly influence of a whole group, how much greater is its reach! Second, in our desire to stand resolutely for the truth in a world grown increasingly hostile to God, we should remember that we may suffer persecution, and some may even risk death. This then raises a question that every Christian must answer. Will you live and speak boldly for God, or will you seek the safety of silence?