Astonishment, Wonder, and Real Faith Back to all sermons

Date: April 22, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Matthew

Category: Fear

Scripture: Matthew 14:22–14:36

Tags: faith, obedience, trust, anxiety, fear

Fear is always nipping at the heels of faith. We know to rest in the sovereign grace of God and the sufficiency of His Word, and we work hard to live out Christ’s commands and principles. But often when the moment comes to trust and obey, we are suddenly struck with an awareness of our own frailty, and we stumble in fear. If we’re willing to humbly acknowledge our weaknesses, there are great things to be learned here. We need to remember that faith never rests on its laurels. We’re only as strong as our readiness to trust here and now. We need to realize that everything, even our darkest hour, is an instrument in the hand of God to produce a fruitful dependence upon His wisdom and power. Finally, we need to hope in the boundless compassion of Christ. He is merciful to those whose are hearts are tender and willing, but who wrestle with doubt and anxiety. Are life’s storms overwhelming you? Fear not. Step out in faith, and trust in the grace and mercy of our Lord.