The Peaceful Fruit of Righteousness Back to all sermons

Date: April 29, 2018

Speaker: Steve Smith

Series: Special Topic

Category: Discipline

Scripture: Hebrews 12:4–12:11

Tags: sin, discipline, chastisement

Many consider discipline to be an unpleasant subject. But whatever our perception of it may be, it is a necessity in the Christian life, and if we will not willingly impose it on ourselves then we will certainly invite God to impose it on us. Yet even as we are chastised by God, there is a sweetness to it because it is an expression of pure mercy and grace that is given only to sons. The Lord’s discipline is a token of His love and proof of His acceptance, intended for our good and His glory. The persevering Christian feels it’s sting and is reminded of the saints that have gone before and who have endured difficulties not unlike his own. He recalls their example and removes every hindrance so that he may keep from stumbling and run well this race of faith. He lifts his eyes from the source of his troubles and looks squarely to the source of his hope, the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t disregard or be overcome by the discipline of the Lord. Learn from it.