matiasbuldainPastor Matias Buldain, who lives in Argentina with his wife Nevina and their daughter Betsi,  teaches in the Pastor Training Center near Buenos Aires, Argentina (Facebook page). The center trains and equips indigenous pastors to preach the gospel and plant biblical New Testament churches in the local region. We periodically send members of our leadership team to work with Pastor Buldain and teach in their churches and Bible study groups (photo gallery and updates from Pastor Buldain).   



Matt Johnston, who lives in Italy with his wife Johanna and their 3 children (Alice Ann, Noelle, and Robert ) currently serves the Lord under Grace Ministries International (a ministry of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California). Matt and his family are ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Italy from his home base in Genova. Read the latest missions report, or read Matt Johnston's blog/newsletter). 



SteveandKaty111Steve and Katie Smith are SGBC members who began "China Sees", a ministry with the primary mission of training Chinese house-church leaders. In addition, the Smiths have also partnered with another local Christian group where Steve helps with expository preaching training, small group content support, and church governance, and Katie leads moms' and single-women’s Bible studies. Together, Steve and Katie teach biblical counseling methods, and conduct pre-marital and marital counseling. (Photo gallery and updates) 


Bruce and Karen Duell live and serve the Lord in the inner city of Denver, Colorado.  They have been ministering for over 30 years to the urban, poor, homeless, mentally disabled, and handicapped of the city.  They open up their home to feed those in need, share the Gospel, and disciple other believers.  Karen is also on staff at Denver's International High School, which has opened the door to minister to the students, leading to spiritual fruit.

Mark and Ruth Harbour have been involved in church planting in the country of Taiwan for over 30 years.  Their desire is to plant 60 churches along ancient routes 1 and 19 where there is no Gospel presence.  They currently live in Dalin and are preaching, teaching, and recruiting as they await God's timing and supply for these church plants.

Todd and Julie Hendry, along with their 4 children (Michaela, Sammy, Lilianne, and Levi), are church planters in Croatia, Brazil.  Their goal is to evangelize and disciple those who come to faith, equipping them to in turn disciple others and plant other churches.  They plan on remaining in the field until the church is planted and well established.

Steve and Becky Cochrane, (and their 3 sons) former missionaries to West Africa, are currently living in the states.  Steve is serving as a Regional Director overseeing the mission work in the countries of Mali, Tanzania, and Senegal, W. Africa.  They will be accepting a position to work at Echo Ranch Bible Camp in Alaska in April 2018 with the purpose of building the body of Christ through Christian camping and partnership with local churches.

Chris and Debbie Klynstra, along with their 2 children (Sarah and Ben), live and serve in Indonesia under Missionary Aviation Fellowship.  They live in Wimena, Papua, where the only way in and out is by air.  Chris is the head mechanic and leader at the field.  Debbie is currently applying for a teaching visa, a new requirement, so that she is able to continue teaching Bible in school.  They will be on furlough in the states from March through July of 2018.

Randy and Pam Schmidt, along with their 3 boys (Matthias, Myles, and Micah), live in Taichung, Taiwan where Randy teaches at Morrison Academy, a fully accreited, international, Christian school.  Many of the students attending this school have never heard the name of Jesus.  All enrolled students must take classes in Bible, thereby giving Randy the opportunity to share the Gospel with all the students.

Jared and Stassja Cahill, along with their two daughters (Adiela and Janessa), are church planters serving with Pioneers.  Their aim is to see equip and disciple the people of the Himalayan mountains, who will then begin to plant and multiply churches in that area.

Joel and Mandi Nash, along with their three children (Taylor, Allie, and Noah), are church planters serving under Pioneers in India.  They are working with the local churches to train and send local workers into the mountain villages and to plant a church amoung Hindi speaking Hindus in their city.

Scott and Johanna Allen, along with their two daughters (Amelia and Asha), are church planters serving under Pioneers in India.  They desire to reach the people groups in the Himalayas for Christ. In order to remain in the country they need business visas so they are currently trying to start a business in order to secure a visa.