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Sep 17 Finding Mercy in Misery

by: Pastor Marc Wragg | Series: Special Topic
Scripture: Ruth 1:1–1:22

Aug 27 Practicing Biblical Forgiveness

by: Pastor Marc Wragg | Series: The Forgiveness Paradigm
Scripture: Matthew 5:21–5:26, Mark 11:25

Jul 30 Responding to the Suffering of Others

by: Steve Smith | Series: Special Topic
Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1–2:8

Jul 30 The Matchless Splendor of Our Risen King

by: Pastor Jerry Wragg | Series: special service
Scripture: Revelation 1:9–1:20

Jul 23 The Humility of Exclusive Hope in God

by: Pastor Todd Murray | Series: Special Topic
Scripture: Psalm 131:1–131:3

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