Proclaiming the Gospel of Forgiveness Back to all sermons

Date: October 22, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: The Forgiveness Paradigm

Category: forgiveness

Scripture: Luke 24:44–24:49

Tags: salvation, forgiveness

Is forgiveness conditional or unconditional? Does forgiving someone bring reconciliation to a broken relationship, or must the offender repent? We’ve asked and answered many questions in this series, and now we will ask one more: How does our view of God’s forgiveness impact the way we preach the gospel? Some say the gospel is the ultimate support for the conditional view because God forgives us on the condition of our repentance. Certainly it’s true that we must repent and believe. There is no other way to be saved. But God’s forgiveness of us began long before we confessed our sins. In fact, it began before the foundation of the world, and it continues throughout our life. Thus we preach the gospel because we serve a good and forgiving God. Everyone who hears this gospel has seen God’s forgiveness in part, because God has granted them another day to enjoy life and breath, and given them time and opportunity to hear the truth. But those who repent and believe receive the fullness of God’s lavish forgiveness in having their sins removed.