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Date: November 19, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Eric Borgstrom

Series: Special Topic

Category: Faith

Scripture: Psalm 23:1–23:6

Tags: faith, love, trust, fear, shepherd, sheep

The Lord is our Shepherd. Have you ever thought carefully about what that means? If you are one of His sheep, you never need worry that He will mistreat you because He’s having a bad day, or find that His love for you has grown cold. You will never lack for anything that you really need to be content and free from fear, though your understanding of your true needs must change as you learn to trust His wisdom. He will always guide you to the best and most plentiful sources of rest and nourishment, provided you are willing to faithfully heed His instruction. When you’ve wandered from the fold, He will seek you out, correct you, restore you, and set you on the right path so that your safety and security are assured. In the dark times He will draw near and lovingly direct your steps until you are through the difficulty. And at His table you will find lavish provision and the sweetest fellowship beyond any earthly comparison. Now little sheep, will you follow your Shepherd with a whole heart?