The Profit of Confession and the Pain of Chastening Back to all sermons

Date: November 26, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Eric Borgstrom

Series: Special Topic

Category: Confession

Scripture: Psalm 32:1–32:11

Tags: sin, Grace, mercy, rebellion, discipline, chastening, forgivness

In Psalm 23, David glories in the knowledge that the Lord is his shepherd. Certainly every believer knows the sweet satisfaction of such a close and trusting walk with the God of heaven and earth, where we delight in His instruction and find comfort in His commands. But like David, we also sometimes wander from the fold, and then must endure the discouragement and despair that inevitably follows when we fail to trust our shepherd as we ought. If you are in such a season, consider what David says in Psalm 32. He had taken a step off the path when he meditated on his lust for Bathsheba, and this quickly spiraled out of control and into adultery and conspiracy to murder. The road back to blessing was confession and repentance. Hiding and deception lead only to a never-ending cycle of guilt and pain, while the blessed man enjoys fellowship with God because the Lord is always faithful to forgive the repentant. Don’t foolishly invite the chastening of the Lord, turn from your sin while He may yet be found.