The Parable of the Dragnet Back to all sermons

Date: February 4, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Matthew

Category: Judgment

Scripture: Matthew 13:47–13:50

Tags: judgment, parables, fear of God

No one likes to talk about judgment. We naturally prefer to think about more comforting truths, like forgiveness and grace. But a healthy fear of God is good for us, because it leads us to a sober examination of our spiritual state. Far better off is the heart that is open to being laid low by the truth than one that is fearful and self-protective, because only the teachable heart knows the joys of genuine Spirit-given assurance. Even so, many avoid this kind of accountability, and recoil at the thought of being confronted. They regard it as an unloving and ungracious act, and misinterpret the guilt they experience as a wound from the brother who is sharing the truth. And this is just as Satan would have it. He is the father of lies, and would like nothing better than to obscure the truth and keep it hidden, even using the gospel of grace as an anesthetic to the conscience as he leads sinners to destruction. Judgment is coming, and the consequences of rejecting God are eternal. Are you ready?