The Parable of the Householder: Do You Understand? Back to all sermons

Date: February 11, 2018

Speaker: Pastor Marc Wragg

Series: Matthew

Category: understanding

Scripture: Matthew 13:51–13:52

Tags: teaching, preaching, exposition, understanding, learning

The most critical question any Bible teacher can ask his students is this: “Did you understand?” The teaching of Scripture is not an opportunity for men to moralize, tell stories, or share their opinions on politics and culture. Nor is it a vehicle for meeting felt needs, or tickling itching ears. The preacher has a responsibility to find God’s intended meaning in the text, and to make that meaning clear. This requires both training and conviction, as he must overcome the gaps of language, culture, and time in His study of God’s Word. Then he must prayerfully submit himself to the truth so that he may speak that truth with a clear conscience and a bold heart. Once delivered, the responsibility to understand now rests with those who hear. The listener must pay close attention, and work hard to understand the commands, principles of wisdom, and theological truths that are proclaimed from the pulpit. How will the listener know when he has understood the message? When he knows how to apply it, and can teach others to do the same.